Monday, May 24, 2010

How Many Cats Do you Have?!?

Think you can beat my record with 4 cats!? LOL jk me and my sis and bro and mom and dad love them.but still how many do yall have?
Hi there..I have 2 housecats and take care of 12 exotic cats:
2 cougars
2 bobcats
2 jaguarundi's
2 jungle cats
4 african servals
We have two, but since they're my sister's, I guess I have none.
i have none i hate cats
at the moment I only have 1, Im allergic to cats, but I will always have at least one cause I love them very much..they make great pets.
I have one and my whole family adore her so much. She's hyperactive, smart and eat alot too..:)
Can't beat you, but I can tie you. I also have 4 kitties, but I also have a dog and an aquarium. How many of your cats sleep with you? I usually end up with one cat and the dog in the bed with my husband and me. This cat is very jealous of the others, he won't let the other 3 near me. He thinks I'm his mom cat!
I have 2 kittens
i have one. do you want it?! cats suck. it's name is kitty.
The perfect!
I have none.. I hate cats

Brother has 7. its disgusting
i olny have 1 cat but someone who lives in my neighbor hood is a "cat foster mom" and she has about 10 lol
2 Kitties - sisters - 1 has catitude the other is a sweetie but we love them both
Don't have any cats myself, but I used to know this lady who lived a few streets away from me, who had fifteen. Everyone called her the Cat Lady.
5 cats - all spayed and neutered

I am in the country, one is an indoor only cat as she was declawed by her previous owner, one is indoor outdoor cat. the other three are outdoor only as they lived here before we moved in and apparently are not litter trained - but are friendly and eat on the patio.

no dogs
3 donkeys
3 llamas (including 1 who is only a few weeks old)
2 miniature horses
21 sheep
I have only one but she is perfect. She is Lucy C. Tabby.
Just two, Diablo %26 lucy-fur.
I also have four cats, three rescued moggies and an elderly ill persian who I had from a kitten. Proving hard work at mo with a 9 month old baby but would not change them.
The only thing cats are good for is ballistic jelly.
I have 3 cats. I started off with one 7 years ago and over the years just kept adding on.
I have 3, and people call me the crazy cat lady!
At the moment, I have 2 cats, Blaze and Lotus. My husband and I are planning on adopting a third sometime in the near future. We'd like another male. I wouldn't mind 4 cats, but my husband is concerned about the human to cat ratio..there are only 3 of us..and he doesn't want to be outnumbered, lol.
by maybe none soon she just doesn't like us
At one point I did have 6, they were all rescued. We found a home for one of the kittens that we rescued and my beloved Lucky passed away at age 16. That left us with 4 and unfortunately we lost one of our kittens, Lexi. Now we have 3, Cali, Rosaleigh and Mr.Poppins and they are the most spoiled cats ever and we love them very very much.
I have six cat's!Cammie, Lily, Sugar she thinks she queen of the house lol!! Binque, Smokey, and Slippers she only has one eye its so sad!! What are the names of your Cats?? Write back plz!!
I have 4 cats, too!! Plus 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and 3 fish. My parents live 2 blocks away and have 3 cats who are also 'my' kitties. Cats rule!! =)
I have five now, soon to be six I hope.
We have 5 cats all of them are loved by my family and me.
3 now. just took in a kitten a week ago! :)
I have 2 cats, 3 dogs and 2 children. My husband calls it my petting zoo. I also take in all strays. I must find homes for the homeless.
well three at the moment..!!

How many cats do you have?

At the moment i only have one. my neighbor actually has 76 cats! 4 of them are indoor cats.the rest are outdoor cats that can occassionally come inside tyheir house. my college professor (who happens to be an old maid) has 36 cats. Both of them were featured in various magazine shows. How many do u have? do u know anyone with that much of furry feline friends?
2 and that's two to many! I love them but they demand to much time and money. One is on its deathbed. I have to give him fluids and he has rebounded quite a bit. But after they go, no more for a long time.

Something will have to be done with that colony you have next door. If they aren't all fixed the problem will litter-ally (get it? ha ha ) multiply.
2 cats mom and kitten
Wow, 76 cats is crazy.
I have only 2. I love them and maybe would consider to get one or 2 more, if we would have a huge house.
i had 4 but they all ran a way
i have got 3 right now but at one point i had 23!!its alot better having 3 than 23!
I have no cats but two dogs
"Having" a cat implies ownership, so I don't think I have any. I am permitted to share living quarters with one -- she owns the place, I just live here.
I have 2. But I remember buying one at a breeder's home that probably had 76 cats. I have one girl friend that has 15 because she keeps rescuing cats.
It's 1 tom-cat, who shares living-quarters with me, as weemarian writes so nicely. Since my girlfriend lives here, he shares only parts of our living-quarters, because she doesn't like cats.
Our family has had cats for many years, usually 1. When we had a female, she was allowed to have kitten once before she had to go to the vet.. When the kitten were old enough they were given away, all or all but one.
Once neighbours took one kitten, and we kept another. The two sisters met frequently in the two gardens, without any problem.
I think it's not good for cats if there are too many together.
I just took in a sixth cat to join my other older cats. I have the time and the resources to care for them adequately and lots of space for them to enjoy (cat fence-in the the back garden).

It a lot of responsibility to have numbers as high as 36 or, god forbid, 76. Some people are just willing to devote their lives and resources to it.
In 24 years my family has loved and cared for 24 cats. We (my hubby %26 I ) are currently down to 4 (1 I inherited when my parents passed away). Have had as many as 13 alive at one time. What a mad house. It takes alot of time, $$, litter and love. What hurts is when they (the cats) pass away. After these last 4 are gone I don't think I'll have any pets for a bit.
Five indoor cats.

Peter Johnson, Mike Jones, Rosie Johnson Jones, Jade Miller and Maverick.

How I love them! :-))
i have 5 but my grandfather has 30!
I do not own any cats but there are thousands of homeless cats in our city which you can have them whenever you will!
not even one
Did you know thats illegal to have that many cats?? You can even report that. How on earth do they afford the vets, food, spaying, litter boxes, for all the cats? ARE YOU SURE? I dont have any. I would like to have 1. Just 1. Now that you mentioned 76. It's like a meow meow world in my head. I only seen people on animal planet with that many cats and the animal police had to take them away cause thats illegal for alot of reasons.
I have three and I love them all
none , don't want the nasty critters , can't imagine what the houses smell like that has 76 and the other 36 ,[ PHEW ]
I have one
I have 1 perfect him!
Three cats, Monster, Kiki and Momo.
to many 8
76 is kinda nuts!!
we have 5 (well, 4 1/2.1 is a 6 month old kitten).and they are a handful! they all have their own interesting personalities.they are our kids! wouldn't give them up for the world!
My grandmother has about 30! But I only have 3. One is a kitten she is SO cute! She turned one last week!
I have 4 cats, and love all 4
I have 14, 6 cats, 8 kittens

How many cats died making the movie "the adventures of Milo and Otis? read on?

check out the scene where they really throw an actual cat off of an actual cliff. It's pretty horrifying, and it's edited so that you have no idea if the cat really survived, or if they just grabbed a new one and kept filming. Also, check out the disclaimer in the end credits. It says "animals were under close supervision with utmost concern for their safety. Notice it takes great pains not to say "no animals were harmed", which has been boilerplate language for movie animal disclaimers for decades. What does this tell you? Wouldn't they say "no animals were harmed" if none were? Even if that cat survived, throwing it off a cliff into water, into what looks like breaking ocean surf if memory serves me, is unspeakably cruel.

P.S. I am not a PETA member nor am I a vegetarian (not that there's anything wrong with either of those). I believe that using animals for human benefit is good and necessary as long as it is not done cruelly. WHAT DO U GUYS THINK? THANKS
I expected a fuzzy, feel good flick, but instead, I found myself worrying about the animals used in filming. My concern began when Milo gets bitten on the nose by a crab. Later, he goes over a waterfall, is attacked by angry birds, falls off a cliff into the ocean, and has close encounters with two bears and a snake. You can tell you鈥檙e not looking at the same cat and dog throughout, and a disclaimer at the end mentions only that the animal actors were treated with concern; it doesn鈥檛 say that no animals were hurt or killed during the production. Perhaps none were seriously hurt, but if so, why don鈥檛 the filmmakers tell us that?

A deeply troubling film that shows animals, at the very least, in obvious physical distress, and, in all probability, in the midsts of horrific death. According to the American Human Society, it is rumored that as many as 27 cats were killed in the production of this picture in Japan. These are not computer generated special effects; it just wasn't possible to do that in 1986 when this movie was made. The scenes are also just too realistic to have been created any other way
not enough cats died.

I'm a PUG and no mentions anything about our plight or what we endured to get through that fricking flick.
I agree totally. Animals in movies and tv shows should not be harmed at all. I am an animal lover myself and I just found out my best friends cat just died. I cried for like an hour. Its sad when things like this happen
Hi Elmer.animal actors actually have an advocate (American Humane Association's History of Protection and Film Unit--) that oversees how animals are treated so the studios do not mistreat any of them while filming. It's quite common nowadays unlike 70+ years ago at least while filming in N. America.

I believe the Adventures of Milo and Otis were filmed overseas in Japan and there has been some rumours about the mistreatment while filming. No one however has been able to substantiate this. It would be disappointedly sad if they were harmed as some of the scenes are suspicious unless computer enhancement was used to intervene, which is possible. However, I wouldn't put it past the asian culture as they are very well known for the treating animals very poorly. ( list some of the despictable acts)
The American Humane Association has overseen movie sets since 1940 to make sure animal actors stay safe while portraying heroes, villains, companions, and comedians. American Humane's Film %26 Television Unit is designated by the Screen Actors Guild as the only animal welfare organization with onset jurisdiction. As such, the Film and TV Unit considers animal safety its primary goal.

Located in Los Angeles, American Humane鈥檚 Film %26 Television Unit has traveled to productions worldwide to protect animal actors. The presence of our Certified Animal Safety Representatives is an important reassurance for conscientious producers, actors, and animal trainers.
I havent watch this movie..but, it always irked me the safety of animals being used in movies..

I agree that animal cruelty must be prevented by all means.

Animals are not toys, or sume fancy cute thing. They are like human beings, in many ways.

So, treat them well..
That was my fav movie when i was little %26 i never thought about that until now. You're right there were a lot of questionable scenarios in that movie. If it was filmed in japan god only knows what happened to those animals. They have no regard 4 animal life
i haven't seen the movie clip but i do agree with you 100%
Never heard of the movie, but I am completely against any animals being harmed for any reasons! I love dogs the most, and I could not imagine seeing one being harmed. I have 8 pit puppies, 3 grown pits, and 1 rott. I would not give them up for the world. I take care of my animals like they are family.
Just because they use more than one cat (or any animal) to play the part of a character in a movie DOES NOT MEAN THAT ANY WERE HARMED. (That's to emphasise a point, not to shout)

As an example, animals can become tired (just as humans do) when creating a production. The same is often done with human children where sometimes 2 babies are used because of the stressful conditions.

The use of editing in film and special effects can make some scenes APPEAR very realistic. Looking at the same film, I can pick out a number of ways the effect can be produced to make it appear that you are seeing what you believe you are seeing.

Having experience in special effects on stage can be a curse as well as a blessing sometimes when I watch a film..
I originally thought the movie was made in the US, so I wasn't too concerned about the animals (the Humane Society monitored the American studios use of animals since the '40's) but when you mentioned that it was made in Japan (checked my niece's DVD to make sure) I'm not so certain.

BTW; I liked the scene with the bear-I LMAO the first time I saw it.
Hmmm.. Haven't watched that movie since I was a kid, and it was one of my favorites. Now you got me thinkin'.

How many cats can you put into an empty box?

1 coz its not empty then
one, comfortably
27. definitely 27.
i hope you're not intending to perform an act of cruelty! If not, depends how big the box is!
My local chinese can get 10 in freezer. how big is the box?
Why?If your going to do something cruel , like put thme in a box and leave them somewhere , just take them to the SPCA. Dont dump thme somewhere of if your going somewhere and taking them with you , get a cat carrier.
Ans 1: 1 because once the 1 is in it isnt empty anymore.

Ans 2: It depends how fine you liquidise them.
Dead or alive? Cremated ones take up less space per cat!
thats a bit cruel
IT depends on how big is the box!!
Depends - how many bricks will you place in the box also?
I assume only one, as soon as you put one cat into the box , the box is no longer empty !!
One - 'cos after that the box is no longer empty.
Depends on if they are dead or not,and golf junkie I'd put them all in at the same time.
how big is the box
kittens u can put more than one

cats u can put only 3 or 5 because they need there space
it depends on how big the cats are
i would say none cos even if you put 1 in its not empty
depends how big the box is.
what you need to ask is when you close the obx and cant see the cat - is it still there?
As many as want to play.>^..^%26lt;
Reminds me of a quantum physics theory:

Here's Schr枚dinger's (theoretical) experiment: We place a living cat into a steel chamber, along with a device containing a vial of hydrocyanic acid. There is, in the chamber, a very small amount of a radioactive substance. If even a single atom of the substance decays during the test period, a relay mechanism will trip a hammer, which will, in turn, break the vial and kill the cat. The observer cannot know whether or not an atom of the substance has decayed, and consequently, cannot know whether the vial has been broken, the hydrocyanic acid released, and the cat killed. Since we cannot know, the cat is both dead and alive according to quantum law, in a superposition of states. It is only when we break open the box and learn the condition of the cat that the superposition is lost, and the cat becomes one or the other (dead or alive). This situation is sometimes called quantum indeterminacy or the observer's paradox: the observation or measurement itself affects an outcome, so that it can never be known what the outcome would have been if it were not observed.

We know that superposition actually occurs at the subatomic level, because there are observable effects of interference, in which a single particle is demonstrated to be in multiple locations simultaneously. What that fact implies about the nature of reality on the observable level (cats, for example, as opposed to electrons) is one of the stickiest areas of quantum physics. Schr枚dinger himself is rumored to have said, later in life, that he wished he had never met that cat.
depends how thinly you slice them
If you put them in at the same time.. then as many as you can fit, cos if you put them in one at a time. the box isnt empty after the first one!!
get me??
none hopefully

How many cats are too many?

This is like for 1 person to have for pets?
as long as you can financially support them you can have as many as you want. i had 9 cats at one i don't think 4 is too many, my animals make me HAPPY
1 is too many
Four is too many. Trust me, I am there
Cats - none, thats the best number to have
Most of the time if you get more than 3 -4 cats in a hosehold-somebody is going to have behavior issues. This includes stress-related urinary issues and aggressive tendencies. Cats are generally solitary animals. One or two is enough.
More than 2.
depends on the size of living quarters
really dont want more than three per room
and to be honest it really starts to stink if there are lots of them
For one person, three or four would be alot.

I am currently debating owning 101 cats and living in a mansion all by myself until the cats eat my alive. j/K

I have three
A cat, a dog and a pond turtle
If you have to ask that question - you may already be in trouble.I would say more than two.
2 maybe.I don't know!
For me 1 is too many.
more then 1 is too many in my opinion
When you can't afford to take care of them, for some, one is too many.
I think 5 is too many
ONE !!.
i think 42 cats is bordering on too many for one person.
3 or more cats is always to many. 1 is not enough. Either get 0 or 2 cats.
This depends on your living arrangements, the type of cats you have (Are they pedigrees? If so, which breed?), if you are at home a lot or away and many other factors.

My vet did once say to me that 6 is the optimum number for a group of cats - but again - this depends on so many factors.

I have a lot of cats (17 at the moment including kittens - I breed them as a hobby), but they all get along fine. They're a very easy-going, laid back breed (Ragdolls) and enjoy each others company. I don't have any problems with aggression or inappropriate behaviour. I don't think it would be the same story if I had a different breed of cat!

If you work full time and are a single person I'd probably say that 2 is better than 1. A single cat may become lonely when you are at work and then start to show behavioural problems. With two cats, even if they don't get on particularly well they'll still be good company for each other!
Personally, I think 3 cats, or pets in general, is the limit.

But, if you keep them inside, don't let them breed uncontrolled, are well fed, and have regular vet visits, then it is your business. I have friends with four cats, a dog, and a bird, and they seem to all get along just fine.
3 is too many. But if you can handle 3 or more, then go for it. I won't make fun.
Just get one cat because your going to have cat hair all over the house,that's way we sold are two cats.
As a rule, if you cannot take care of the number of pets you have(ie.. food, cleaning, vet visits, etc..)then you definitely have too many. iIt is required by law, lin America, that you register, or license, your pets at your vet, if you cannot afford to keep up the bills, then you have too many.
If you don't like cats, then 1 is too many! But anyway my friend had 2 cats got married to someone with 2 cat and she when and got another 1. and it seem like too many for 2 people so I would say 2 should be good, because when you are not around they would still have a companion to hang out with.
the most pets I have had was 7 growing up now that I'm an adult I have 4 I would have no more then 5 at a time you can't spread your attention out to them all if you have too many pets
as many as you whant!
depends on your situation.
do you have the finances to take care of the cat(s)?
do you have the space for them?
do you have time?
do you have energy?
Well, I have 2 now and we are doing just fine, no behavior problems such as inappropriate urination etc. I have had as many as 6 with much problems.
Two is a manageable number. Have had more ourselves - three gets to be a lot; once we had nine.

How many Cats are too many Cats?

Does your County have a law, if so how many cats are too many to have? I dont have any, but what do you think?
In some cases 1 is too many.
2 are enough
more that 2 is to many as far as i'm concerned
6. are you a crazy cat lady?
2 cats are 1 too many!!
One is too many when you are allergic.
1 cat is way to many. Sorry I am a dog person
my county doesn't have a law but i have a lovely rule of thumb

u can never have to many pets
especially low maintenance ones
like cats

but u can also never have too many horses..
and their really high maintenance..
i'm not really an expert on the subject..
more than one
i wouldn't have more than 2 or 3 but I had a friend who had 8 at one time. Yikes!
more than 4 is against the law it is a misdiminer
You would need to check with your city/county ordiance law. Every county is different depending on what your area is zoned for.
Untill you cant afford to feed them.
I have one I love him a lot, but over one is to many for me. to avoid disease up to five is ok anymore than that there is chances of diseases.
one is
It all depends on how much work you want to do. I have 8 cats and they are alot of work keeping everyone healthy and my house clean. You have to keep more than one litter box and make sure they are clean at all times. I adore them and wouldn't give them up for the world but 8 is enough
it depends on how much living space you have available.
In a small apartment one would be plenty, a large apartment/house two or three I think would be the most anyone would need.
I think two is enough.
Too many is when they fill up the litter box and leave their mark in other places
I know people with three, but there's probably one of them left out. So I'd say four.
3 or more, but I love cats its just you don't want to become the creepy cat person. I know that there is a law in my county you can only have 2 dogs in your house.
Based on my experience more than 1 cat per two rooms is too much.

Most places have only sanitary and humane laws, meaning you can keep as many as you can care for in a healthy environment.

I have a huge house and five was too many. The more you have, the more likely it is that some won't get along. They will fight and start marking territory which is really bad.

If you got all the males from a litter or two, made sure they were all neutered in time and raised them together as brothers, you could have 6-10 and they would be happy. If you have cats of different sexes and some were neutered late, it could be hard to make even two get along.
actually, i'm not sure if my area has a law about it. i'd assume 20 cats or so would be the legal limit. at that point, no matter how big your house is, you're way overloaded with cats.
I have six and I love every last one of them .but yes it really is a lot of work keeping everything clean and ODOR FREE
Too many is when you have so much cat poop all over that you can't keep it clean,when the neighbors can smell your house from down the block, and when you have dead cats around your house and you don't even know about them. Too many is when you cannot even remember how many you have or their names or if you haven't even named them, also when you cannot afford to feed them or take them to the vet. Too many is when you don't even have a warm safe sanitary place for them to live.
I love cats
Never Enough!
Some states of USA (though I don't know about other countries) have laws on limitation of how many animals, depending on what species they are. Check your state or country and see what the law says just to be safe. But for me, I would say 2 is a safe number to have for cats.
Well, many cities do have an ordinance concerning the number of cats and dogs you are allowed to have. My city allows 4 cats. Most rural towns don't regulate the number, to the best of my knowledge.

It all comes down to how many animals you can care for PROPERLY. And that includes:
~regular vet care (including any on-going treatments and/or surgeries that may occur)
~quality food and fresh water daily
~maintaining a clean and safe living environment
~love and attention

There is no set number, just a standard of quality care that is essential to any animal's health and well-being. What might be considered to be a heavy workload for one person or family might be considered to be a breeze to the next.

How many cats are too many cats to have in your house before you're considered a 'crazy cat person'?

Depending on the size of your house .. and how many people or other pets are living their with you .. Probably anything over 4 or 5 cats would start to be excessive.
3 or 4
More than six.
Three max. After that it starts looking like a barnyard trough at feeding time.
I couldn't answer. I have 5!
I think 3 is more than enough. Any more after that, the house starts to smell like the pet store.
I had 7 at one time and my neighbors would call me the cat lady. I love cats and somehow ended up with 7. Now I only have 1. And I have to admit I enjoy spending time with the 1 I have.
I hate cats (probably because I'm allergic). I'd say more than three is too many.
I think it depends on the person-to-cat ratio. The last place I lived we had 6 cats, but 3 individuals living there. now, 6 cats to one person. ewww. thats a lot of litter
1 . ;-)
depends are they indoor or outdoor, if there outdoor and hardly ever inside then 5. if there indoor and are always inside then 3.
If you have room for them and they are well fed and get proper vet care, how ever many you have room for. You will be doing a lot of litterbox cleaning though.
Usually having more than four is against the law depending on the local by-laws. A 'Crazy' Cat lady usually refers to a person with hoarding tendancies and keeps buying or adopting cats long past their ablity to handle them. Depending on your ablity 3-6 should be enough! Although I an quite aware that cats tend to adopt people.
When a person has more cats than they can correctly take care of them. I have four and they are very well taken care of. For each cat that lives indoors you should have one litter box (per cat). Should be fed a good nutritional food, free of parasites ~inside and out. They should be happy and content.
There are so many people who think they are doing a justified service to the animals they take on. If they are not providing with their basic neccessities, they are doing more harm than good. I think they know that and that is what drives them crazy.
Once you have more than 4 cats in your house, you have now become crazy cat person.
any more than 3 and your cosiderd a crazy cat person!
12 or 13 as long as ur taking good care of them. you should have more then one litter box, cats love a clean place when it's time to use it. i would love to have more but my cat won't let me bring any other cats in the house.
Depends on the size of your home. It is not healthy to have to many cats. You should have enough room that each cat can have his or her own space in the house.
I would say having more than the law allows would definitely qualify you as a "crazy cat person."

Most cities have restrictions on the number of cats you are allowed to have in your home. In our area, five is the most you can legally have--unless you are a breeder or have a kennel. A friend of mine was reported to the city because she had more than that. They told her either get rid of some, or get licensed as a kennel.
More than 2.
I have 4 and they already call my the crazy cat lady. I say as long as you can take care of them then there is no limit.
my mother had 6 cats and shes not considered a crazy cat person. I dont think there is a specific number. I think it has more to do with a persons behavior as well..
I am our neighborhood's "Batty Cat Lady" even though I only have two cats of my own. Why they call me this? Well, when I step out my front door with my two cats and begin to go "walkies" with them around the block, we are joined by . let me see. "Simba," who belongs to neighbor 1; and "Princess " who belings to neighbor upstairs, and "Zeus" who belongs to Daniel the brat; and "Dinggo" wo bellongs to. who does Dinggo belong to? Anyway, by the time we are halfway around the block, I have quite a parade in tow. So. am the Batty Cat Lady and I am proud of it!
More than you can care for adequately. I have accidently ended up with 5,but we are all happy and healthy and my home does not smell because I keep the boxes clean.
more than 3 unless you have a huge house!! Well the lady who I bought my kittens from has 11, but she has her whole garden transformed into cat runs and heated pens, her cats live in ultimate luxury.